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Community and Support Services

Meals On Wheels - Tofield / Ryley / Beaver County West

Meals delivered to your door, in Tofield, Monday-Friday

Frozen meals available for weekends and for clients residing outside of Tofield. $7 per meal. For more information or to arrange to receive this service, please call: Tofield Office Phone: 780-662-7067

Meals on Wheels - Viking / Holden / Beaver County East

For more information or to arrange to receive this service, please contact the Viking / Beaver Office at 780-336-4024 or Holden Office at 780-688-3928.


Tofield Handi-Van Society
An accessible affordable transportation option for Tofield and Area.
Regular Shuttle Service with-in Tofield-Wednesdays & Thursdays 9:00 am-2:30 pm.
Coupon Book available…$20 for 5 shuttle coupons. Private bookings are available at $1.00 per km and the hourly wage of the driver. The Handi-Van seats 18, or 14 with 4 wheelchairs. Please call for more information or to book the shuttle:
Box 30
Tofield, Alberta T0B 4J0

Viking Handi-Van Society
Residents in the Viking and Kinsella area can obtain service of the Viking Handi-Van. The bus seats 12 people, plus has room for 3 wheelchairs. The current rate is; $50 booking fee, $1.00 per kilometer, plus $40 per hour, which includes the driver. A shuttle service for seniors and residents with disabilities in Viking runs one day per week at a rate of $5 per person. This shuttle service also includes transportation to and from Kinsella. For more information contact:

Kerri Davis (780) 385-1757.

Senior’s Centers

Tofield Golden Club
5004 54 Ave
Tofield, AB T0B 4J0

Ryley Sunshine Club
5124 50 Street
Ryley, AB T0B 4A0

Viking Senior Citizens Club
5024 53 Ave
Viking AB, T0B 4NO

Holden Seniors Club
4914 - 50 St.
Holden, AB, T0B 2C0

Volunteer Income Tax

Revenue Canada partners with agencies to train volunteers so that agencies like FCSS may offer FREE Tax Preparation Services to help low-income individuals and families file their tax returns.
Tax information can be dropped off at FCSS and we will arrange for volunteers to prepare income tax and benefit returns for those eligible. To find out if you’re eligible please see the income thresholds chart below. Please contact your local FCSS office for additional information.

Tofield/Ryley/Beaver County West FCSS
Viking FCSS Main Office
Holden FCSS Office

Revenue Canada-Individual Income Tax Inquiries

Seniors Safe House

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm 780-702-1520
After Hours- Seniors Abuse Hotline 780-454-8888

Tofield-Ryley & Area Food Bank

Food Hampers are available for residents of Tofield, Ryley and area on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 am-12 pm. For more information or to pick up your hamper please call:
Tofield-Ryley Food Bank
5204-50 St
Tofield, Alberta T0B 4J0

Counselling Services

Viking Food Bank

Services households situated in Holden, Bruce, Viking & Kinsella. Orders are taken Tuesdays by 4:00pm so the hampers may be picked up on Wednesdays from 11:00 am-12:00 pm.
Hamper Pick-Up Location:
Viking United Church
5120-51 St
Viking, Alberta T0B 4J0
Viking/Beaver FCSS-780-662-4024

WECAN Food Basket Society - Tofield Depot

Who can become a member? Anyone can for a yearly fee of $5.00.

Baskets include 3 cuts of meat, 3 types of fresh veggies, 3 kinds of seasonal fruits for $25. Single meat orders are $15, single produce are $10. Order as many baskets as you wish. For more info email: TofieldWECAN@gmail.com

Counselling Services

Provides Individual, Family and/or Couples Counselling. Some reasons for accessing counselling could be life transitions, relationship issues, isolation, stress, grief and loss or family conflict.
For services in Tofield and area:
Contact FCSS at 780-662-7067
Cost is $35/per visit.

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